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Don't Forget Your Mask!

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Sends you custom notification reminders when you leave or enter your home

'Don't Forget Your Mask!' is an easy-to-use location-based reminder app that helps you out in situations where you don't know the exact time you need to remind yourself.

With 'Don't Forget Your Mask!', you can get your reminders right when you need them. With the use of the 'home' button, the app registers your current location and sends you a notification reminder when you leave or enter that place.


Get it on Google Play

VolEq dynamically adjusts the sound your phone is playing according to the preset you set.

VolEq has three presets and one Custom, so there is always one that fits your needs!

VolEq has an easy to acces Overlay, where you can switch between the presets without opening the app, so you don't have to interrupt anything you are doing!

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